"Sean is a truly excellent trainer and arguably the most patient man I've ever seen in the workplace. I've been trained by Sean and also asked him to train in at least 3 companies that I've worked for. A true gentleman with an enviable technical knowledge of Microsoft Applications and a skill in teaching technically challenged individuals that is sheer poetry to watch."

Ross Macartney
Generalist HR Manager

"Sean was a fantastic teacher giving really useful tips and going at a pace that I felt comfortable with. It was easy to ask questions and I felt he answered and explained in terms I could understand. Great day of learning !!!"

Bianca Considine
Essential Energy

"Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Really good trainer. Relevant material and catered for different levels of skill"

Amanda Player

"Sean was great and used many analogies that were easy to comprehend. I generally don’t like asking questions, but he made it very easy to ask questions and was very laid back and approachable."


"Very useful. Sean is a fantastic trainer to present this course. His funny and always explain the concept in a simple way so I can understand easily. Highly recommend this course and Sean to people who is willing to learn VBA."


"Sean was very attentive, helpful and knew exactly how to explain the concepts in a concise and clear manner. Very interactive Class. Exercises and templates were varied and really useful"

Shaina Hammonds

"Explanations and exercises relevant and easy to follow."
"Fantastic, learned so much. The first 15 minutes blew my mind. Fun too."

Chris Bourke

"I have Multiples Sclerosis so wasn't sure whether this course would sink into my brain. I was pleasantly surprised that Sean's way of teaching suits me to a 'T' Absolutely enjoyed a topic that I have kicked and screamed about doing. Sean you are an awesome teacher and I am so glad you will be teaching the intermediate course when I come back in Feb. Looking forward to playing with Excel before my next session. Love the lateral thinking examples and the 'DAD' jokes"


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sean in the training industry for about 12 or 13 years. I can honestly say that Sean would be one of the most reliable, capable and likeable people I have ever worked with. Sean has expert knowledge of MS Office, VBA, Access and some Adobe applications just to name a few courses that he trains. Training can throw up many challenges in the classroom and Sean is always adaptable, carries out the job without fuss and, always has a calming way about him to put course participants at ease. I highly recommend Sean."


"I found my instructor, Sean, nothing but helpful and patient, and made sure everyone was across what he was explaining before moving on to the next subject in a clear and inviting way. He made what I thought might possibly be an exhausting course, very interesting and engaging. Was very impressed… and enjoyed the lame Sci Fi references!"

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